Tess Goodrich

Los Angeles, California

Jessica, through Freedom To The Nations, gave birth to my love and gift of teaching. She is an amazing mentor and demonstrates walking by faith. It’s been amazing to see her lead through wisdom, discernment, and love.

Ken Saruwatari

Lomita, California

Jessica is a caring mentor focused on raising up others to have a closer, more spirit-led walk with God. She ministers with strong anointing in healing, deliverance,,and the prophetic.

Darcie Saruwatari

Lomita, California

She just loved me where I am and broke off a lot of fear. The example of her life, her faith to just go for it inspired me and made me want to push higher.

Anthony Coppa

San Pedro, California

My wife and I chose to partner with Freedom To The Nations because when Jessica shares the gospel, Jesus backs her with His power, setting the captives free. She moves in all 5-fold gifts of the Holy Spirit, and her character matches her gifting. 

Terry Nichols

Torrance, California

Through the many years of fellowship with Jessica & Freedom To The Nations Ministry, I have witnessed Jessica’s exemplary style of leadership. She leads with integrity and ignites others to discover their spiritual gifts with life changing direction. Most of all, I have witnessed her submitted, reliance on the Holy Spirit to lead her.

Mari Plank

Westminster, California

Jessica helps others to step into the Holy Spirit’s anointing to exemplify the love of Jesus through the demonstration of healing, signs and wonders.